Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 5 Looks: 2nd Place

In the mind-numbing, bewildered world that was Season 6, this is the kind of work that it took to get kicked out of the competition.

In "The Art of Fashion", the final 5 designers were taken on one last field trip. The challenge was simple, and one familiar to PR fans. Using The Getty Center as their inspiration, they were to create a design of their choice. With two days and $300 to spend, it was an opportunity for the designers to spread their wings, show what they could do and make a case for why they belonged in Bryant Park.

No one came closer to expressing her inspiration better than Gordana Gehlhausen. Using Monet's "The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light" and drawing upon her own spirituality she created a beautiful layered dress that mimicked the shape of the cathedral and the colors of the painting. When Matar walked this down the runway she looked like an ethereal princess. "I wanted to create something regardless of the judges" Gordana said, foreboding what was about to come, "I wanted to create something that I'm in love with, and I love this." So did we.

And then there came a series of developments that insulted the intelligence of Runway fans everywhere. In the judges deliberation, Nina had the audacity to state "I do not know who Gordana is as a designer", apparently forgetting the fact that she was present for barely half the challenges in Season 6. And after she was sent packing, we were presented with an insipid post-production voiceover from Heidi, blathering on about how Gordana will only grow as a designer from this experience, adding insult to the injury.

Sorry, Heidi. No amount of backtracking could make up for this injustice. Gordana was shafted - you knew it, she knew it, Tim Gunn knew it and we knew it. Tomorrow we will cheer on Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina as their finale collections walk the runway in Bryant Park, but we will also be mourning Gordana's absence.

Gordana, we wish we had a magic wand that we could wave and grant you that show in Bryant Park that you deserve. Instead we can only give you a spot in our Top 5 Looks, sending our love and appreciation for a job well done.