Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Struggles of Season 6

“Well listen, if this was Project I Didn’t Mind It, then he would win”

When Milla Jovavich - one of the few bright spots in the endless parade of guest judges we’ve seen in S6 - said this to her co-judges concerning Logan Neitzel’s destination design, she could have been speaking about the whole season. Longtime recappers have given up on the show, ratings have dropped, commenters are complaining and maybe worst of all, many fans don’t seem to care what happens next. As we head into the finale, there is no denying that the quality of Season 6 has left us only with a feeling of malaise and apathy.

But this isn’t ‘Project I Didn’t Mind It’, this is Project Runway. We’ve come to expect so much more from the show we love. After suffering through an interminable legal battle and waiting nearly a year between seasons, fans were eager for a fresh start on a new network. And after a strong opening, who would have ever guessed that PR would routinely get beat out by the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Surely this isn’t what Lifetime bargained for.

How did this all go so wrong so fast? And what can be done to stop the decline?

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