Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode Eleven

Hi there BPR!!

Two challenges in a row without the models, but I loved seeing the designers walk the runway! How cute was Kenley? She worked it! I also loved Leanne in that crazy hip hop outfit.

Model picking drama. At this point in the season we have so many good models that it was inevitable that some great ones would go. Karalyn and Polina! Of course we saw them walking in Bryant Park for Joe, he didn't let these beautiful, talented girls go to waste!

Leanne didn't seem like the kind of gal to switch to another model when Karalyn had done so well for her. She is a little more ruthless than anticipated! It seems Karalyn has a long, wonderful career ahead of her beyond the show, she is so smart and funny on her blog and I definitely think she can become a tv host! (That is what she said she would love!)

It is odd to watch the show knowing who the final three are. Don't worry, I'm not saying a thing!

So, there's not much more to add about the models this time, since they didn't take the runway. I, of course, will have a lot to say next time they walk! They will be walking for their places in the finale next week.. so you KNOW they will be workin it!

But, as you can see from the runway pictures, Jerell, Kenley, Korto and Leanne have the same models as who they have just chosen. It's basically up to the judges now, models!

Love you guys!