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Shown at NYFW on September 11, 2015

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Waiting Room

After a restless night and considerable backstage banter with Team BPR, our fearless Swami of the Runway Alan Gratz lends his loquacious logic to Episode 10 in his weekly predictions post.Go ahead and try to follow along as he works out the impending model shake-up!

Not to be outdone, our junior partner in prognostication Chris The High Schooler takes his own shot at tonight's results.

Joe Faris shares his thoughts from the finale...

Sweet P was everywhere in NYC. Check out a few of her photos from last week...

Here's Jillian's take on the Bryant Park scene...

Did you see that the Fug Girls were at the finale, too? Ouch.

And the big news - Following PR, Episode 3 of Top Design will feature some of our favorite LA-based alumni: Sweet P, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebelia, Daniel Franco and our beloved little lamb Andrae Gonzalo! Watch along with us over at Blogging Top Design.