Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BPR's Big Adventure - Part Two

LK: After brunch I checked out of Chez Roz and into our hotel. I discovered The Scarlett and Tbone in the Business Center already busy posting the Malan reports.

Scar: Actually Tbone was in the Business Center. I had decided to take a nap. I needed my beauty sleep or else I wouldn't make it to the Christian Siriano show that night.

Tbone: It was more like the Business Closet. Regardless, we comandeered it for our entire stay. Bloggers never rest.

LK: Later, back in the room I was getting fashion advice from The Scarlett. I tried on everything in my suitcase and decided on a black dress and zebra-striped sweater. The phone rang and the caller ID said 'Tim Gunn!' He let us know that he would see us that evening at Christian's show.

Scar: We kind of all squealed a little. Tim Gunn has that effect on us. Jaded we're not. I decided I needed to use the eyelash tricks of Laura Bennett to up the fab.

Tbone: I showered very early that morning. That was as 'fab' as the Tbone was going to deliver.

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