Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More From The Emmy Awards

Bri Dellinger is a "Magical Elf." Congratulations Bri and ALL of the Elves for your Emmy nominations.

Dear BPR,

I was so excited to be among the editor nominations for Project Runway this season. In preparing for the event, the main question is “what (or who) are you going to wear?” Well, I thought it was appropriate to wear the gorgeous Cord Dress Coat that Kit Pistol made for me last fall. I absolutely love this dress and just to report for the BPR fans, Kit is an amazing designer and so fun to work with. I had fallen in love with the dress from seeing her portfolio from Season 4, episode 1 so she tailored it to my specifications.
All night the dress received attention from people who wanted to know who had made my dress. It stood out in that sea of Emmy gowns! I don’t have pictures on the red carpet because I was just too excited to be there to remember to take photos.
One photo here really shows off the dress nicely. I’m standing with a fellow editor, Michael at our pre-party. The other picture is with Kit at our Magical Elves after-party.

Although our team didn’t win the Emmy, we had a lovely evening and I certainly felt pretty in my dress.