Friday, September 19, 2008

From The Mailbox

Sweet P's gown as featured on Top Design!

First I have to admit that I am WAY behind in the mail, with over 400 unopened e-mails. If you have written and not received a response I am very sorry! I'll try to catch up over the weekend.

Click here to watch BPR Faves, Jim Cantiello and Sweet P cover Fashion Week for MTV News. (Purists beware, there are quick clips of the finale shows.)

Speaking of Sweet P - I hope everyone watched Top Design on Wednesday! Sweet P, Daniel Franco, Andrae Gonzalo, Jeffrey Sebelia and Santino Rice all appeared in the episode. It was a great show. I love it when Reality Worlds Collide.

Tim Gunn and Gretta Monahan talk to about what to expect on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Heidi Klum retains absolute composure while her four co-hosts dissolve into a "scuffle" on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Click here to watch a clip.

And what will Heidi be wearing? According to this article from The Associated Press, she may have eight changes, possibly something from a certain Project Runway designer.

Jillian Lewis is designing dance costumes! Click here to see her sketches.