Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amanda's Take - Season 10, Episode 4, "Women on the Go"

Project Runway Model, Amanda Fields, returns with her take on this episode's models. Thanks Amanda!

  Sad Fashion.

 Was it just me, or did the designs this week reflect everyone's mood? With Andrea and Kooan departing (taking the coward's way out) the other designers were a bit shocked and very sad.

 Hence: sad, sad little dresses on the runway.

 By now, after all these fabulously glamorous seasons of Project Runway, we have come to know what the judges mean when they say "Woman on the Go" or "it looks like she's going to 'work.'" One thing Michael, Nina, Tim and usually the guest judge do not like are tacky colors and cheap looking fabric.

Heidi, on the other hand likes a dress with a little spice. Heidi's taste usually doesn't win.

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