Thursday, August 30, 2012

While We Wait - News From Tim Gunn!

While we wait for tonight's episode, let's catch up on the latest from Tim.

First, here is a report from Tim's appearance at Parsons.  Lucky audience members received an advance copy of Tim's "Fashion Bible."

A highlight:

 Do you ever worry your criticism will get you in trouble? 

“When I’m really concerned about the political fallout [from my 'Who Got It Right' fashion column], I’ll ask the editors to please change the person out. But when it’s Kim Kardashian I don’t care!”

In this new interview with Zap2it, Tim reveals that he considers Kenley Collins to be a "problem child."

Q: You seem to get along with all of the contestants, but has there been one who was the problem child? And what behavior in contestants bothers you? 

 A: Kenley Collins of Season 5. She was belligerent. And when they are full of themselves and sassy, when I feel, "What is this person doing here?" and it is all about attitude.