Friday, August 10, 2012

BPR Interview with Buffi Jashanmal

Project Runway Season 10 designer, Buffi Jashanmal talks about her experience on the show.  Thank you Buffi!

BPR:  This is Laura Kluvo from Blogging Project Runway and I'm on the phone with Season 10 designer, Buffi Jashanmal.  Hi Buffi!

BJ:  Hey love, how're you doin'?

BPR:  Did you watch the episode last night?

BJ:  Yes I did.

BPR:  Was there anything that happened during that we didn't see, that you wish we had?

BJ:  Umm, well, the thing between me and Chris was not as bad as it looked.  I love Chris.   I mean that all did happen, but I meant "I don't want to talk about it right now."   I was just stressed out and in a rush, there was like an hour left.

It wasn't that I was mad at him.  I appreciated that he was trying to help.  It did help because he made me be "more me."

After the runway, the other designers were like, "Oh my gosh Michael Kors was so mean to you," and I was like "No, he really helped me define my market."  The fact is that I don't design for the "normal" girl.  I have to stay true to who I am.

I totally agreed with what he said.  He helped me a lot.

BPR:  Did you design the jacket that you were wearing on the runway?

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