Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amanda's Take - Season 10, Episode 6, Fix My Friend

Project Runway Supermodel, Amanda Fields, gives us her impressions of the season 10 models.  Thanks Amanda!

Amanda Fields walks the runway for the 2013 Enzoani Collection

Hello there BPR land! 

 I, like most of you out there, love to hate this type of challenge. When it's right it's REALLY right and when it goes wrong it is just PAINFUL. As a viewer, all I want is for the women who are the clients to have a little bit of fantasy in their everyday life. 

To be a model for a day. I wish all women (and men, for that matter) could feel beautiful in their own skin and walk the runway that is their life. I will not be harsh on the women walking the runway this time, because this is not their occupation. I will just let you know how I think they are FEELING!!

 Nathan's client, Liana is up first! She seemed to not be very happy in her dress. Perhaps it was kind of what she had in mind but I didn't see the confidence that comes from wearing a dress that is EXACTLY right. She wanted something sexy but classy. This looked cheap. She looked beautiful! - love the hair and makeup! 

 Elena's client Jenna is next and my big critique here is that with the makeup and ensemble she actually looked older, not her age. If you look at the before she definitely looked more youthful, if not TOO juvenile. She was confident on the runway because that skirt and top were on trend, looked expensive, and fit her fantastically. Love her SASS! 

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