Monday, August 27, 2012

Terri Fights Back

Terri Herlihy, the beautiful young woman who was subjected to Ven Budhu's humiliating treatment on last week's "Fix My Friend" episode has gone public with her experience. Terri tells MSNBC that " was so much worse that what was shown":

"Herlily told us that during filming, she was "bullied" into wearing no shoes or accessories. In fact, Herlily said, she and her friend Theo Thomas (the pal who brought her on the show) had to go rummaging in "Runway's" accessories bins themselves because Budhu, who was supposed to figure out her look from head-to-toe as part of the challenge, was going to send her down the runway with no accessories. "My friend found the shoes. My friend found the belt. My friend did it all", she said. "She laid into him, but they didn't show that."

She goes on:

"If he would've gone home, that would've been a different story", Herlily said. "But because they kept him, that's why I feel like (it's) not only putting me down, but putting down every person who  isn't a size 6 or below. How many people has he hurt or affected in some way from all his comments?"

"So it looks like (the show's producers) are all for it...because it was adult bullying at its best about my weight", she added. "I can't imagine all the girls, women, teenagers watching the show who are bigger than me and what they think."

Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, Terri has launched a Facebook page called Terri's Redemption, demanding an apology from Project Runway.

UPDATE: Plus Model Magazine has stepped up in Terri's defense. She's getting a makeover and feature spread in their October issue.