Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amanda's Take - Season 10, Episode 5

Amanda Fields models for Nick Verreos

"I'm not a f****n tailor. I don't do that s**t!" - Gunnar

This right here is why you were picked (almost) last. BAD attitude. I always think being humble, positive and a hard worker will get you far in any field. What shuts the door in your face? Grumpiness, pouting, complaining and negative gossip. All of which Gunnar is capable of.

What Raul, Gunnar and all the designers need to be aware of if you can't just show up after a few years of design school and expect to have a worldwide design empire a la Michael Kors. It's neccessary to work as an assistant, pattern maker, or yes, TAILOR to therefore show your great skill to the world. Not your aesthetic, but your skill. It won't have your name on the tag or at the top of the runway - yet - but if you are willing to be a seamstress for a while it just might, in another 8 years. Until then, do the work!

Ohh, "silk chiffonzies!" Funniest thing to come out of that workroom since "Daniel Franco, where did you go??"

A "tie" on the score? It's obvious to me that the blue/black collection is far and away better than the purple train wreck.

From what I can see, the models did a fantastic job on the Marie Claire photo shoot at Go Studios. Amongst the yelling, arguing, cursing and complaining the models delivered a stunning shoot. They gave movement, grace and an edge to the looks. I am happy Project Runway is using the models from the show in the magazine as opposed to a different set of girls.

Heidi looked smashing on the runway! Finally, she gets it REALLY right.

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