Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode One

Season Three model and BPR Fave, Amanda Fields is back with her take on the season five models - thank you Amanda!

Hello BPR readers! I absolutely love you all and have missed writing in each week!

Here we go!

Instead of making comments on a repeat challenge, I will go straight to the fashion show and give it to you straight!

First of all.. no name on the screen for the models. Just the designer's name and the materials used. So I will have to resort to giving you the designer's name when referring to the girls!

My number one favorite model this season is...

Kenley Collins's model.. HOT HOT HOT!! Beautiful face, toned body and walked out there beating all the other girls hands down. So graceful and powerful!

There are others that do well, but I am giving this model all my props.. I want you to win, whatever your name is!

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