Sunday, July 27, 2008

Easy Episode Two Trivia

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1. What is Jerry's biggest fear?
2. What's the quickest way to look cheap?
3. What is embroidered in gold thread on Heidi's blouse?
4. Who is the first model eliminated?
5. Which model is "golden?"
6. Who has leopard print tattooed on her body?
7. Who creates a "couture cocktail dress?"
8. Who suddenly appears in full makeup during a confessional?
9. If Heidi was "ten years younger," how old would she be?
10. Whose dress is Tim Gunn "really excited about?"
11. Who steamed a model?
12. What about Topacio seems to have changed from one scene to the next?
13. Who is on "Team Ugly Brown Fabric?"
14. Bonus questions: What season four designer could also be on the team?
What season three designer could also be on the team?
15. Which designer is "not really" concerned about time?
16. Which model looks "like Peter Pan?"
17. What's the most "overused word in fashion?"
18. Which two designers are wearing orange-red pants on the runway?
19. Whose dress was a "big disappointment" to Nina Garcia?"
20. Who just about "peed in her pants" upon seeing Natalie Portman?
21. Who held hands on the runway?
22. When Tim asks, "How is everybody?" what is Suede's response?
23. Who designed Wesley's underwear?
24. Who is "not really into asymmetrical?"
25. Bonus question: Who is using purple pattern weights?