Friday, July 11, 2008

Season 5 Chaos!

The chatter about Bravo's seeming lack of promotional push for Season 5 of Project Runway has reached a fever pitch. Mo Ryan buys into TLo's money theory, Andy Denhart thinks the show's star may be fading, PRWeek notes the lack of subway and bus station posters, and Gawker flat out wonders if Bravo is trying to kill Runway before its move to Lifetime.

Bottom line, we're all looking for material to work with less than a week from the premiere and Bravo has not given us much to go by. Even the teeniest scrap will do, thank you. Is this really a cold, calculated move?

Bravo insists it's not the case. A Bravo spokesperson tells BPR "that the delay in releasing cast bios and specifics about Season 5 is due to the late production schedule and the need to prevent any spoilers". Further, Bravo confirms that the cast bios will be released on Monday and, for the first time ever, episode specifics and guest judges for the entire season will be revealed prior to the premiere next Wednesday.

So Monday it is. As always, stay tuned!