Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode Two

Season Three model and BPR fave, Amanda Fields offers up her take on Episode Two. Thanks Amanda!

With the lack of advertising for the 5th season, I don't think anyone expected someone like Natalie Portman to come sashaying out from behind the scrim. All I can say to that is BRAV-O, Bravo. She is extremely intelligent and beautiful as well as fashionable and earth-conscious! Also funny to see her size in relation to Heidi. She is petite!

I want to know who she was wearing. Didn't she look amazing in that green dress?

This was the episode of the season that I know I would have wanted to be a part of.. the MODELS get to buy fabric at MOOD for the designers!! You know I was sitting on my couch in my fabulous West Hollywood apartment going .. "I want to be there!" Haha, not really, these designers are fun but they are no Uli, Jeffrey, Laura, Michael or Kayne!

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