Thursday, July 17, 2008

Congratulations, Kelli

Imagine standing in front of Gristedes hearing from Austin Scarlett the brief for this challenge after an early morning wakeup call from Tim Gunn. Surreal? You bet! You kept your wits and remembered the key word - Innovation. You shunned fabric - no tablecloth or shower curtain for you! You remembered the phrase "Don't bore Nina" and you created a closure in the back fashioned from spiral notebook binding and a belt festooned with thumbtacks. The finishing details? Impeccable - no sloppy hem for your garment! You listened to Tim when he admired the skirt but expressed concern for the bodice. You remembered that Michael Kors likes a thoughtful approach so you used a material, vacuum cleaner bags, that was already pleated. And yet, by dying and bleaching the bags to make a pattern and burning the coffee filters to create lace, you managed to give us a taste of your point of view. Clearly you took all that you had learned from the first four seasons of Project Runway and synthesized the concepts into your first frock, one that Heidi had to think looked expensive. Well done, Kelli!

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