Sunday, July 20, 2008

Easy Episode One Trivia

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Gearing up for Tough Trivia Tuesday, I thought an easy trivia contest would be fun - no prize for this one - sorry!

1. Besides Jerry, which other designer accessorized with yellow gloves?
2. Besides Project Runway, what do Suede and Heidi have in common?
3. What is the name of Kelli's store?
4. What brand of champagne did Tim and Heidi serve on the roof?
5. What is the name of Emily's line?
6. Who was applying deodorant in the kitchen?
7. Which two designers wore leopard prints to Gristede's.
8. Which designers were wearing hats at any time in this episode?
9. Who wears a pink tape measure?
10. Who wears a lime green tape measure?
11. Who is wearing blue fingernail polish?
12. Who was the first designer finished?
13. Who wore a red flower on his lapel?
14. Who wore a yellow flower over her ear?
15. What color is Blayne's suitcase?
16. Which designer can "make a 3-piece suit in like an 8-hour period?"
17. Who designs for Saudi royalty?
18. Who made a dress from playing cards?
19. Whose design did Heidi describe as "butt ugly?"
20. Whose design did Austin describe as "hideous?"
21. Who modeled Austin's cornhusk dress?
22. Was was Korto's "Wow factor?"
23. What does it say on the back of Blayne's t-shirt?
24. What did Korto use as a buckle on the front of her dress?
25. How does Tim Gunn greet Austin Scarlett in front of Gristede's