Monday, July 14, 2008

Season 5: The Cast!

USA Today gives us the first peek at the Project Runway Season 5 cast. has the bios posted.

Here they are:

Blayne Walsh, 23 from Seattle
Daniel Feld, 25 from Brooklyn (MySpace here)
Emily Brandle, 27 from LA (MySpace here)
Jennifer Diederich, 27 from Italy (MySpace here, blog here)
Jerell Scott, 28 from LA (MySpace here)
Jerry Tam, 32 from NYC
Joe Faris, 41 from Troy, MI (MySpace here)

Keith Bryce, 26 from Salt Lake City (MySpace here)
Kelli Martin, 27 from Columbus, OH (MySpace here)

Kenley Collins, 25 from Brooklyn (MySpace here)
Korto Momolu, 33 from Mabelvale, Ark. (MySpace here)
Leanne Marshall, 27 from Portland, OR (MySpace here)
Stella Zotis, 42 from NYC (MySpace here)
Suede (aka Stephen Whitney Baum), 37 from Barryville, NY (MySpace here)
Terri Stevens, 39 from Columbus, OH (MySpace here)
Wesley Nault, 23 from NYC

Keep refreshing this post throughout the day as we add info on all the designers. Season 5 is here!

ETA: Spoiler alert - Episode descriptions and guest judges can be found here. Don't click if you don't want to know!