Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode Eight

Amanda Fields models in the Gen Art Fresh Faces of Fashion Show Sept 5th, 2008

Dear BPR,

Whoo hoo! I have been really busy here in New York City going on castings and fittings for fashion week! And guess what? The casting for the Project Runway 5 Finale Fashion Show is today! Whatever will I wear?

I absolutely adore Diane von Furstenberg as a person as well as a designer. She was a guest judge on my season for the "Iconic Statement" episode. She makes an iconic statement every time she steps out of the house!

As a model walking for this challenge, you would want to not only embody what DVF is all about, but also Marlene Dietrich. I would be googling her so fast!

Karalyn was simply divine. She strutted out there with confidence, sex appeal and most importantly, grace. She gave it a bit of old Hollywood glamour! Of course her dress helped! She is truly my favorite model this season. This look of hers reminded me of when I wore the Marilyn dress!!!

Although Kenley's model, Germaine, was not of her own choosing, she is just not graceful. Yes, she might look good standing still, but her "walk" was a little awkward. The model really does make a difference in the presentation of the garment!!

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