Monday, September 01, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode Seven

NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not Shannone! Of course, my favorite model opted to do the paying job over project runway. Her appearance on the show will be well remembered!

Jerell's model Nicole, Leanne's model Karalyn, Suede's model Tia, and Joe's model Topacio embodied what this challenge was about when walking the runway. They had FUN. Their walks were sassy and playful, while still maintaining a fierce runway attitude.

Stella's model Kendall is stunning, but she is not my favorite walker. If she added a little 'tude she would be much improved!

My favorite model now is... Karalyn. Girl, I am rooting for you!

Meanwhile.. has anyone else noticed that there are only 2 more episodes of Project Runway until the fashion show in Bryant Park? THERE ARE 9 DESIGNERS LEFT!! What are they going to do? If only one designer goes in each episode they will be left with 7 to show in the tent. I say.. WHAT? Perhaps they will eliminate one designer next week
and then the week after do something they have never done and eliminate three!

Or.. perhaps Bravo is not that concerned. Let the finalists show and spoil the suspense.

I hope not!

I am lucky to get to go to the casting and see who the final 3 or 4 are before it is televised. It's fun to have a secret!

Guess who I ran into on the street yesterday? Christian Siriano. :)

Guess who else I ran into on the street literally 30 minutes later? Malan Breton. Ah, I love castings in the fashion district!

The photo is of me waiting for the subway while going on many many castings for fashion week! (Don't worry, I brushed my hair before I saw the next client!)

<3 Amanda