Monday, October 20, 2008

Amanda Fields Answers Your Burning Questions

Lovely BPR readers!

I adore you and thank you for your unending support. I appreciate all of your questions! This week was LA Fashion Week so I am just now getting down to business for y'all!

Q: From UsernameTX: What do you think the models would suggest in general for 1) suggestions for challenges; 2) improvement in working conditions; 3) any suggestions for changes assuming the show really does move to Lifetime?

A: Great question! I can't speak for all the PR models, but as for me, I would love for there to be more challenges where the models can be a part of the design process. I know we are not competing to be designers ourselves, and I don't suggest models having anything to do with the construction of the clothes, but choosing fabric and being with the designer for the initial sketching is incredibly fun! ALSO:
If it is a competition for the models as well, re-pick models for ALL the designers every episode! PLEASE! Sometimes the winning designer just wanted to remain loyal to their good model and ANOTHER good model had to go. Not fair at all.

Working conditions were fine. It was just unfortunate that we weren't paid. The only reason other models had complained about their days on the set is because of that. If they were making money they wouldn't have anything to complain about. Some would disagree, but I don't think so!

As for changes, I wish that it would stay the same and stay on Bravo and be produced by Magical Elves!! Of course, this is not the case. Network switching is still up in the air as far as I know.

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