Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amanda Fields Reports From Sage Vaughn's Art Show

On October 11th, I was fortunate to attend "Native Sons," an exhibition of new works by Sage Vaughn. These paintings and sculptures were representative of the search for true beauty in everyday city life.

The paintings were brightly colored images of butterflies, birds and children amongst a backdrop of black and white, out-of-focus city streets. I felt drawn to this image of the rainbow of butterflies, it was so uplifting! There were also children's baseball bats with nails in them. While I understand how that goes into the mix, I choose butterflies, which my wonderful Grandmother jokingly would always refer to as flutter-bys. :)

Sweet P was glowing even more than usual, so proud of her hubby! Many Elves were in attendance as well as a few PR alum. Christina Applegate and Anthony Kedis came as well!

That's right, LA is artistic!! :)