Monday, October 13, 2008

Top 5 Looks: 5th Place

Jerell Scott didn't have a choice. Chosen by Brooke Shields as a team leader in "Welcome to The Jungle", his name came out of the hat last when it came time to choose partners. And like the last kid on the playground, Stella Zotis stood there feeling a little left out. Jerell was unfazed, assuring Stella that they would make it work. And did they ever.

What appeared at first blush to be a disastrous pairing ended up being quite the opposite. As other teams in the workroom self-destructed, Jerell and Stella were able to collaborate and compromise to produce a beautiful garment. Jerell wisely assigned Stella to work to her strength, assigning her to create a wide mustard "leathuh" waistband. Jerell paired a gorgeous charcoal A-line skirt with a taupe top that met the challenge requirements perfectly.

This challenge was a real turning point for the two as both had done little to impress viewers up to this point. Jerell would use the momentun from his success to find his way to Bryant Park and Stella would soon go on to be a fan favorite. Many felt they were robbed of a win on this challenge but you gave them a bit of redemption in the Top 5 poll. Congratulations Jerell and Stella!