Friday, October 31, 2008

More Fashion Reality for Bravo

Bravo announced plans for new programming yesterday and several Fashion Reality shows have been added to the line-up.

First, "The Fashion Show," which is apparently the new title of "Fashion House."

The news is that the ultimate winner will be chosen by VIEWERS and not judges. Casting for the show is right around the corner. Click here for more. Please note that the casting location for New York has changed.

Next is "Celebrity Sew-Off" (working title), celebrities will design, cut and stitch their way through a one-of-a-kind creative competition to determine who has the vision to go from icon to fashion star, and launch a trendsetting clothing label. The celebrity contestants will each be paired with an industry expert, who will supply the technical know-how to implement the celebrity's creative vision.

Plenty of celebrities would like to be in the fashion industry. It will be fun to see them try.

Next, In a new genre for Bravo, "Fashionality" (working title) is a weekly one-hour series, featuring four eclectic New York tastemakers from the worlds of media and fashion, who explore the intersection of all things pop culture and fashion via field pieces, roundtable debates, interviews and a thorough dissection of any and all things stylish and glamorous. From the latest in high fashion to animated debates on the week's red carpet outfits, and with segments like "Bravo Buzz" that explore style trends on the channel, viewers will never look at clothes the same way again.

Hmmmmm... Sounds kind of like a pop culture version of "The View." I wonder who the four "Tastemakers" are. We'll watch what happens....

BPRs, what do you think? Are you curious about these shows? (You may vote for more than one.)