Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Waiting Room

Plenty of interesting news to peruse this week:

Alan Gratz thought he had the week off from his usual Swami duties, but no! He weighs in with his weekly predictions on who might be in and who might be auf.

This is cool. BPR reader Maggie sent us this link from the National Geographic that features several current and past PR designers trying to figure out what Wilma the Neandethal would wear. That's Blayne Walsh's rendition up above.

Speaking of Blayne, he's back at his barista stand in west Seattle. This article also claims that "Bloggers have attacked the young designer's taste and personality..." Hey, we love Blayne!

The LA Times has an excellent update on the status of Season 6 as they talk to Heidi, Tim, Bravo and the Magical Elves. They mention a possible "late summer" debut and we also learn that Nina and MK will not participate in every episode. It's a must read.

Accompanying the LA Times feature is this nifty "Where are They Now" update.

Executive Producer Rich Bye waxes nostalgic over the loss of his baby.

Another Hollywood star has been outed as a guest judge for Season 6.

In case you missed it, the "Top 5 Looks From Season 5" poll is in full swing. We received a nice note from our old friend and poll originator Madpawn at TWoP who is starting a similar thread over there. We'll combine the results just like the old days. Get your votes in now!