Friday, October 17, 2008

Top 5 Looks: 1st Place

I guess there's a good reason she calls herself "the silent fashion assassin". Leanne Marshall entered Season 5 of Project Runway as quiet as could be. But week after week she continued to turn out interesting designs that were well constructed and almost always met the parameters of the challenge. And one by one her competitiors fell, not by her words, but by her talent.

In "The Fashion That Drives You" Leanne created an adorable strapless minidress out of Saturn seat covers with a neckline of feathered seatbelts. It was a brilliant solution to the challenge and if you didn't know any better when you watched Karalyn West walk this down the runway, you couldn't guess by looking at it that it was made out of automotive parts.

Michael Kors proclaimed that it was "Thierry Mugler meets John Galliano" and it clinched her first win. This look was also a departure from her signature wavy pleats and is evidence that she is far from being a one-note. Leanne of course would go on to collect the big check and the car keys after her lovely finale collection at fashion week. You also chose her to have the honor of creating the Top Look of Season 5. Congratulations Leanne!