Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finale Part 2 Trivia Contest

Today's Trivia Contest Prize package has been generously provided by our friends at ProjectRunway.com. This package includes a season three DVD, a "Carry On" Canvas Tote, and a Leather Presentation Case.

Good luck everyone!

1. How many of the designs in Kenley's collection were painted?
2. What is the name of Tia's dog?
3. How many hours of sleep did Leanne lose over her collection?
4. Rami Kashou "believes in" _________.
5. Who does Heidi refer to as a "really hot hottie?"
6. Whose collection did Nina Garcia say was "couture-like?"
7. During model casting, Korto looks for girls with _________.
8. There is a fourth person at the table during model casting. Who is it?
9. Collier Strong works for __________.
10. Heidi "wouldn't be caught dead in" ________ ________ ________.
11. Kenley says Leanne's collection is _________.
12. Before Tim sits down in the front row, he kisses ______ ______.
13. The inspiration for Korto's line is _________.
14. In make-up, Kenley wants her models to look like ______ _____.
15. What color is the dress that Nina wears to the finale show?