Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finale Part 1 Trivia Contest

The prize package for today's trivia contest contains a copy of Tim Gunn's book "A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style," a Project Runway travel mug and a paper cube. All of these prizes have been generously provided by our friends at ProjectRunway.com. You may click here to see more.

1. Korto's daughter is named ______.
2. Korto's strength comes from _____ _________.
3. Leanne's boyfriend is named ________.
4. Jerell's dad worked as a ______ _______.
5. Kenley's grandmother was a __________ _______.
6. During the home visit, Tim tells Kenley that her wedding gown is _____________.
7. Back in NYC, the designers stay in the Presidential Suite at which hotel?
8. What was the budget for the bridesmaid dress?
9. Who models Kenley's bridesmaid dress?
10. Who models Korto's bridesmaid dress?
11. Who models Leanne's bridesmaid dress?
12. Who models Jerell's bridesmaid dress?
13. Whose design does Heidi describe as "crazy good?"
14. Who does Michael describe as going "hog wild?"
15. Jerell says, "If you want a basic white Tee, get it from ______ _____."