Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another Project Runway Trivia Quiz

Hi! This is BPR Alex, and I was inspired by your latest quiz to make another one. It is 25 questions, and I tried to make them increase in difficulty from easiest to hardest. Answers are at the bottom. Thanks for reading this!

1. Who is the winner of Project Runway, season 1?

2. What is the last name of Season 3 designer Laura?

3. How many judges are there normally per episode, including the guest judge?

4. Who is the only designer to have ever been disqualified from the show?

5. In one challenge of season 3, designers had to make a cocktail dress using what two colors?

6. Who won the Season 3 challenge, Desgner's Best Friend?

7. What was the name of the episode that featured a designer walkoff?

8. Which season 2 designer was known for doing impressions of Tim?

9. Who finished their garment for Innovation in season 1 in the quickest time?

10. Which season 1 designer walked out of the reunion show?

11. Which season 2 designer often asked his/her model to do outrageous things on the runway, such as clawing the air and roaring, and flaunting her behind?

12. What is the name of Zulema's alter ego?

13. Which designers finished 3rd place out of the 5 teams in season 2's Banana Republic challenge?

14. Which season 2 model did not want to wear a piece from Diana's lingerie line?

15. What was Jay McCarroll's nickname for the model Morgan?

16. When Miss USA gave the season 3 designers a debriefing on what she wanted her evening gown to look like, what color group did she say that she preferred?

17. Who is the only designer to have never been in the "IN-group" during a runway judging (i.e. was always kept on stage as one of the highest or lowest scores) and have made it to the final 5?

18. For her Designer's Best Friend outfit, Angela Keslar told a story about the director of a children's art camp in Paris. What was this camp's name?

19. Which judge said, "The back is like Carmen Miranda on acid."

20. What Sarah Hudson song was playing during the Sarah Hudson runway?

21. Which designer asked, "What's a Stevie Nick?"

22. In season 2, three members of the top 4 stayed with the same model the entire season. Who is the odd one out?

23. What was the first garment to ever walk out on the runway?

24. Andrae Gonzalo gave a nickname to his ice-skating outfit. What was it?

25. From the front, how many red and blue "bloodlines" are visible on Starr's infamous tumor dress made during Season One's Envy challenge?

Click here for the answers.

Thanks Alex - this is perfect for December 26th.

BPRs how about some more Project Runway Trivia?