Monday, December 18, 2006

Project Runway Trivia Quiz - Part Two

Leah G provides BPR with more trivia fun! Thanks Leah.

Go ahead and post your answers in the comments. If you want to work on these on your own - don't peek. I'll post Leah's answers this afternoon. Have fun everyone!

1. Name all the eliminated designers who came back to do more sewing on-screen *after* being eliminated from PR.

2. Which tennis star was mentioned most often in PR3?

3. Name the wedding dress designer who was a guest judge in PR1. What has this judge subsequently done that you would never have suspected after watching that episode?

4. Name the team leaders for the Miss Universe Challenge in PR3. Alphabetically!

5. Which outfit in each season currently has the highest rating on Bravo's 'Rate the Runway?' Which is the favorite outfit overall, as rated by fans?

6. Which outfit in each season currently has the lowest rating on Bravo's 'Rate the Runway?' Which was the least popular outfit, as rated by fans?

7. Which town in Oklahoma proudly calls itself the home of Kayne Gillaspie, from PR3?

8. Name the judge who selected Angela as a team leader in PR3.

9. Which brand of alcohol is currently a PR sponsor?

10. Which Season 2 designers were eliminated without ever being in the 'bottom group' on a previous runway?

Bonus Question: What was Austin Scarlett's hometown in PR1?

Click here for the answers. Thanks everyone. This was fun.