Friday, December 08, 2006

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

The speculation surrounding Tim Gunn's future on Project Runway continues to grow. The Entertainment Weekly story is out and contains these gems:

Gunn, who didn't return calls for comment, has skirted questions about his contract and salary.

Listen, Tim is a man of integrity above all else. He's not about to jeapordize contract negotiations, however his silence is telling. Then there's this:

A source close to Runway claims concerned fans are jumping the Gunn. ''We're confident the whole team will be back,'' says the source. ''We'll find a way to work around his schedule.''

How exactly do they plan to do that? It seems clear now that Weinstein/NBCUniversal/Bravo want to push Season 4 into production in early 2007. Do they think they can film the Tim segments strictly at nights and on weekends? Please.

Andy Denhart at Reality Blurred weighs in:

Hopefully, he’s just playing hardball and demanding the cheap-asses at Bravo pay him what he’s worth.