Friday, December 22, 2006

A Holiday Message From Tim Gunn and Team BPR

December 22, 2006

Dear Laura K, The Scarlett, Tbone, Phaolo, and BPRers everywhere,

It's the last day of the semester at Parsons and I'll admit to the fact that I'm running out of steam. In spite of the frantic madness, the students' work has never looked stronger. I'm thrilled and very proud.

Entertainment Weekly came out today, too. Can you believe that we're one of the "best shows" of 2006? Considering the competition we were up against, I think it's a fabulous miracle. Though I have to add that Entertainment Weekly is consistently kind to and supportive of the show, so it's useful that we're one of their pets. We love you, too, EW!!

The holiday season is a time to reflect and a time to look forward. What a great year we all had, me included. Season two of Project Runway received three Emmy nods, we made the cover(!) of Entertainment Weekly, TIME wrote about the cultural phenomenon of the show, and we broke all of Bravo's ratings records. Wow! And Heidi and Laura Bennett each gave birth to beautiful and healthy baby boys. The success of the seasons one-through-three Project Runway alumni continues to escalate, And for me, I have to say that being named one of People's sexiest men was probably the most surreal occurrence in my life, and it would NEVER have happened without the support of all of the BPRers. You are all too good to me.

Looking forward into the New Year, we have season four of the show ahead! I can't even begin to imagine who the auditions will bring forward, but it will be very exciting to see. On the Emmy front, I have every reason to believe that we'll be nominated, again, and I have just as many reasons to believe that we'll finally win! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Great New Year!!