Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Note From PR3 Model Katie Champion

I hope this message finds you well, and that you had a wonderful holiday :)

A friend of mine, Gloria Almonte, recently won the title of "Miss New York 2007" and will be competing for the title of Miss USA at the upcoming pageant. If you go here, you will see that her dress was the same fabric Kayne used for his outfit when they were in Paris. It goes to show that Kayne knows a thing or two about pageants! Anywho, a little shout out for Gloria.. she's a big PR fan, and was always supportive of me. Now it's my turn to brag about her :)

It was wonderful working with Laura and Bradley! They were both very kind and fun to be with. PR was a good experience overall, and I'm glad that it brought success to all the designers and models. I have remained in great contact with Bradley as well as Malan. Whenever I run into anyone from the show, it's always an exciting reunion! haha. Javi and I go out as often as we can, and I run into Nazri, Clarissa, and Alexandra every so often.

Things are going well these days! I recently signed with Elite Model Management's runway division. They are wonderful, and last Monday I got the chance to work with Nathaniel Hawkins for TRESemme. Amanda was there too! She flew in from LA for the day. We shot for an online video about new TRESemme products. The holidays are always a bit slow, so now I am down in Orlando, FL visiting my family for Christmas.


Katie Champion

ps. It was very nice to meet Trish at Malan's boutique opening! Thank you for mentioning my appearance in the Chocolate Show! You are so sweet :)
Talk to you soon!