Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trish's Holiday Dish

BPR's Ace Field Reporter Trish sends us this report from the "Warm Yourself" event at EMc2. Thanks from all of us Trish!

BPR <3 Trish!
Hello all!

So last night was the "Warm Yourself" event at Emmett's store, EMc2! With all of the madness of the holiday season in full swing, it was really my only chance to make it into the city. I would have loved to come to the other events, but anyone who knows the New York City area knows that sitting on the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel (either by bus or car) during "gridlock alert" is not fun!

I decided to coordinate this with all the of the other things I needed to do in the city, such as seeing "the tree" at Rockefeller Center and shopping for Maggie (the little girl that my Mom takes care of - Mom heard I was going into the city and said "pick me up this and..." LOL) at American Girl Place. Bags and bags later, I set off down 5th Avenue to meet my boyfriend Keith at Grand Central Station (he works in Westchester County, NY and since his sister lives near the Mt. Vernon West train station, he also gave up on the gridlock, parked his car at his sister's house and got on the train!) We met up and got on the 6 train to Spring Street (I felt so J. Lo since I was "on the 6"! LOL)

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