Thursday, December 21, 2006

From The Mailbox

Entertainment Weekly has named Project Runway on its "Entertainers of the Year" list for 2006. We love the photo montage and this line from Heidi:

So how did Bravo (which is owned by NBC Universal) reward Heidi Klum, 33, for turning Project Runway into a pop culture phenom this year? ''I got a nice smelly candle,'' says the supermodel host.

ETA: Click here for a brief Access Hollywood video blurb of the photoshoot.

We've purposely avoided the Tara Conner nonsense despite all of your e-mails, however now that Kayne Gillaspie has chimed in with his reaction to the story in today's New York Post, it's fair game for the BeePeR's. Thanks Trish.

Also seen in today's Post is this shocker:

In addition to scheduling snafus, Fashion Week is also in search of a new home now that it has outgrown Bryant Park. Though the February shows will be held in their usual park tents, the Bryant Park Corp. has made no secret of its desire for the catwalks to relocate.

No PR finale in Bryant Park, say it isn't so! Our BPR fashion insider Ted calls it the "End Of An Era".