Sunday, December 03, 2006

Project Runway Trivia Quiz

BPR Reader Leah G created this excellent Project Runway Trivia Quiz for us. Thanks Leah!

1) Name all the PR designers who have walked the runway on the show to date.

2) How many back-to-back winners have there been on PR? Name them and list the back-to-back wins.

3) Which models have worn the winning garments for the most challenges each season? Which challenges?

4) Which models have worn the most losing garments each season? For whom?

5. Which designer sent a model down the runway wearing a fake pregnant belly?

6. How long did John Wade claim he spent on his Muslin Challenge dress?

7. Which designer is Tim describing? "[This designer] was derailed by science run afoul."

8. Which designer(s) opted not to use a Barbie wig in the Barbie challenge in Season 2?

9. Which Season 3 model or models was never chosen to walk the runway in a group challenge but made it to the Final 4 anyway? Inversely, which model or models did not make it to the Final 4 despite being picked over other models in the group challenges?

10. Name Michael Kors' mother.

Extra credit: what first name has popped up most often on Project Runway?

Click here for the answers.