Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Harvey Milks The Runway Cow

Photo From WireImage
Harvey Weinstein needs to learn how to recycle.

The Village Voice just happened to stumble upon some of the remnants from his wastepaper bin and oh my, what a find that was:

Harvey may be in need of some computer skills. Someone has printed out his e-mails, like one involving details of the new Project Runway, which, after its fifth season on Bravo (starting July 16), Harvey is moving to Lifetime for season six, which will partly be filmed in California. The wags have it that Harvey's ego was offended that Bravo was getting so much credit for the success of the show, so he moved it to the more cautious, less gay Lifetime out of spite.

Longtime fans predict doom. But the e-mails suggest that whether or not Runway wanes, Harvey is a hands-on details guy: He seemed to peruse a series of e-mails regarding the show's makeup and "hair category.” A crucial one was sent May 26 to several people at L'Oreal by Lori Sale, a former Weinstein Company employee now at the Paradigm agency...

And the pricetag to have the honored banner atop the Project Runway hair and makeup room? How does $8 million sound! With that kind of lucre, don't you think the ante could upped just a smidgen for the Project Runway winner?

Much more where this came from, so read the whole thing. And check out Gawker's take on the trashgate affair as well.