Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Episode Twelve Trivia

The prizes for this week's trivia contest have been generously provided by our friends at ProjectRunway.com. This package includes a copy of Nina Garcia's "The Little Black Book of Style," a pair of Heidi Klum-designed earrings and a Heidi Klum designed ring. The earrings and ring are 18K gold and feature the clover design. You can get a better look at the earrings here and the ring here. This is very generous prize. Thank you ProjectRunway.com! Good luck everyone.

1. Joe is represented by which fruit?
2. Suede is represented by which fruit?
3. What two models are brought out at the start of the episode?
4. At the Garden, which designer selects the pink camera?
5. The Garden reminds Leanne of ________.
6. The garden reminds Korto of _________.
7. How long did the designers have to choose their inspiration photo?
8. At The Atlas, on the second morning, which designer is ironing?
9. Which designer is reading the Bible?
10. Which model wore acid yellow feathery eyelashes in the runway show?
11. What was the type of flower that served as Korto's inspiration?
12. Whose dress did Michael Kors say was "hack 'n sew?"
13. Jerell: "There's such a fine line between luxury and ____ _____."
14. On the second day of the challenge, what distinctive accessory is worn by each of the designers in the workroom?
15. What did Tim say was "really bothering" him? A. Korto's lace, B. Kenley's fish scales, C. Jerell's unfinished edges, D. Leanne's "Hello Dolly" theme.