Monday, October 06, 2008

Final Challenge Speculation

Everyone was shocked last week when the judges wimped out (helped along no doubt by the meddling of producers) and failed to send someone packing. Incredibly, Jerell Scott was named the winner yet is still forced to jump through another hoop to make the Final 3. As far as the competition is concerned, his winning design from Nature Calls was no better than Kenley's "Bride of Barney" creation.

So the table is set for one final challenge, one last trick up the Magical Elves sleeve. Heidi hinted at this possibility earlier, but what will be it be? Many who have perused the photos of the finale collections think they know. Let's take a closer look.

For the benefit of the purists, we'll move the specifics to page 2. So if you want to be surprised, stop right here! We'll be looking at some of the finale photos and you need to turn away. If you want to keep going and help us try to guess the outcome this week, then click here!