Friday, October 03, 2008

Season Four Trivia Contest

The prize for today's trivia contest is an autographed Tim Gunn bobblehead, generously provided by Emmett McCarthy.

1. Who proposed marriage to Christian Siriano?
2. Which design caused Tim Gunn to say, "Talk about Eva Gabor in Green Acres!"
3. Which designer has a Lady of Guadalupe tattoo on his or her left upper arm?
4. How tall is Tiki Barber?
5. Who was the judge for the prom (What a Girl Wants) challenge?
6. The clients in the prom challenge were students at what school?
7. Who said, "How can you be the team leader when you can't lead yourself?"
8. Who was the fastest runner in the very first challenge?
9. Who were the three members of the winning team for the "Trendsetter" challenge?
10. What was the name of Rami Kashou's diva client in "Raw Talent?"