Monday, August 18, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode Five

From Miss Fields to Miss Shields

The first team challenge of Season 5 means that they are only using half of the models this episode. It's always interesting to see who they choose! You know the designers wanted a model who could exemplify what Lipstick Jungle and Brooke Shields are all about. It needs to be said that sometimes there are pairs who have two great models and they have to just pick one, and there might have been teams who had two just okay models and had to choose one who was just slightly better than the other. Every time there was a team challenge in my season I was picked as the model! :)

I have only seen the pilot for "Lipstick Jungle" and I was not a fan of the show. However, I might watch to see the outfit, which will be more entertaining than some of the actors! I do love Brooke Shields though.

Shannone, Nicole and Polina represented their designers well on the runway and seemed to be having fun wearing their garments for Miss Shields!
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