Friday, August 29, 2008

Reality Worlds Collide

The Minx and I ran into Shear Genius Season Two Stylists Glenn Mitchell and Gail Soifer at Emmett McCarthy's boutique on Thursday. They graciously posed for photos in Emmett's designs. These girls are gorgeous aren't they?

Of course we each bought a pair of shoes... read more here.

We also enjoyed a delicious meal at Harold Dieterle's Perilla restaurant. The Top Chef winner was a little shy, but the food was delicious. Malan Breton and Amanda Fields joined us for an early dinner on Wednesday. Red more about our meal here.

Reality Worlds also Colliding in Houston... Robert Reid, interior designer competing on season two of Top Design is working on Chloe Dao's home. Click here for the story. Top Design premieres next Wednesday night at 10:00 - after Project Runway. I've watched the first episode of the new series and I found the designers and the new host, India Hicks, to be very compelling.