Friday, August 15, 2008


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With Tbone taking a little breaky-break, I am tackling the 'looza. Thanks to everyone who submitted their recaps of "Welcome to the Jungle." I think this was my favorite episode so far.

Girly Shoes dance to Jungle Boogie.
RJ Flamingo
submitted the earliest recap - on Wednesday night!
Maisy at thought that Halloween came early.
Captain Mal offers his rankings.
Jordan Baker salutes Team Jerella.
Toyouke is looking forward to next week's challenge. Aren't we all!?!?!?
The TVGuide summary includes a video interview with Chris March.
Welcome Polt's Palace to the Looza - a gay man and a straight man each provide Project Runway commentary.

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for the always-hysterical David Dust.
Other Eric is a big fan of Brooke Shields.
Elise cries "LONG LIVE KELLI!"
Here's Cliffie.

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for Dipstick Bumble from Pink Navy.
Click here for Project Stunway.
Click here for Elisa Camahort.
Here is One Girl's Opinion.
Nothing comes between Lorraine and her Project Runway.
Welcome Sophie and Abby!
AJ squeezed in just under the wire!