Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amanda's Take - Episode Four

Hi there, BPR!

Last week my entry garnered some feedback that I really appreciated. I would love to clarify what, in my opinion, separates the great runway models from the ones that are just so-so.

A strong runway walker is someone who understands fashion and it's history. One of my agents advised me to buy a mini copy of the fashion book when I signed with them. It is also good to know what is out there as far as trends and what designers are thinking.

She practices her walk and loves it. She walks onto the runway and simply owns it, as a movie star owns the red carpet or a queen would give off a certain presence as she walks to her throne.

Give her a suit and she becomes a strong woman walking out with a strong attitude, yet with grace. Give her an oscar-worthy gown and she embodies it, walking out as a true star and sashaying a little. Swimwear? A funky stride with a toothy grin and more movement in the hips.

Basically, the model is a chameleon, transforming herself into a different person with each outfit, while still remaining herself. She thinks of the woman who would want to wear it and she is that!

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