Sunday, August 24, 2008

Easy Episode Six Trivia

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1. What is the correct spelling of the name of Daniel's model?
2. Who is shown making coffee at the beginning off this episode?
3. Which model did Keith choose?
4. Who explains that "Drag is smoke and mirrors?"
5. What does it say on Blayne's t-shirt?
6. Blayne and Jerell are both seen wearing a neon green cap. What does it say on the cap?
7. Who is the first designer that Tim Gunn is shown introducing to Chris March?
8. Who describes her process as "making paper airplanes?"
9. Who is the first designer in the door of the workroom?
10. What color is the lining of Hedda's outfit?
11. Who has to "sidestep" through the door?
12. What is the exact name of the charity that will benefit from the auction of these garments?
13. What is the name of Jerell's model?
14. Whose design caused "the drag" in RuPaul to come out?
15. What is Sweetie's bra size?
16. Whose design really "fit the frequency" of the model?
17. Whose outfit was "random and unpolished?"
18. Who was the first designer shown hugging Daniel backstage?