Wednesday, August 06, 2008

While We Wait...

BPR friend and artist David Gilmore from Pretty On The Outside is back again with his brilliant Cabernet-influenced Project Runway designer sketches. Suede and Keith receive the first POTO treatment. Check them out!

Spectacular speculator Alan Gratz has his weekly in and auf predictions up. Alan is struggling like we are with the measly preview clues, but that doesn't stop him from trying!

Katherine Gerdes has not abandoned us! She's been caught in a move and is just now catching up with her Season 5 recaps. Click here to see her thoughts so far on S5. Look for the return of Katy's Take on BPR next week!

We received a nice note from PR sponsor and blogger Lisa Gilpin of Saturn reminding us that several of your favorite former contestants are blogging Season 5 at Saturn's Rethink Design site. It's tough digging through Bravo's website to find these, but we're here to help! Blogging for Saturn this season are Alison Kelly, Chris March, Jack Mackenroth, Kit Pistol, and Laura Bennett. Go say hello to Lisa and some of your old faves.

Here's an intersting ranking of former Project Runway designer websites at We see some glaring omissions!

Jack Mackenroth is such a good guy...

And finally, here's more on the continuing romance between Wesley and Daniel, including a little rule breaking reveal: But the couple broke show rules by communicating with each other the day after the elimination. Nault passed Feld a note, and Feld gave Nault a silver bracelet. "I later got in trouble for that," says Nault, "because it wasn't allowed." Hmmmm. We wonder what Keith Michael would think of all that!