Wednesday, August 06, 2008

While We Wait Some More....

Congratulations, Barbara Jan Sandoval, the newest winner in the TRESemme sweepstakes. There is plenty of time to enter and it's okay if your hair is less than "fierce," you can still enter for the weekly prize. Sign up on the right side of this page - like Barbara Jan. Meanwhile, check out the fierce hairstyles.... Tim looks good too, doesn't he?

Speaking of Tim Gunn - he will be Andy Cohen's guest tonight on After The Sew.

Now for our poll results....

For Episode Three, you overwhelmingly disagreed with the judges, preferring Leanne's creative separates to Kenley's colorful dress. Click here to see how you voted.

You also disagreed with the judges choice for the auf. Jennifer's clock-inspired design was your least favorite. Click here for the poll results.

Thanks everyone for participating. You can still predict the final three here.

Bellasugar has an interview with Project Runway lead stylist Jeanie Syfu.

Check out the latest entries at Runway Monday.

Finally, some people in Detroit are wondering why we don't see more of Joe Faris. Maybe tonight will be different.