Sunday, August 17, 2008

Easy Episode Five Trivia

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1. Which model was eliminated at the start of Episode Five?
2. Which designers are shown working out in the weight room?
3. What does it say on Terri's brown t-shirt?
4. Which Season Four designer is featured in this episode's Saturn ad?
5. What is the name of Brooke Shields's character on "Lipstick Jungle?"
6. Whose design will make Brooke look "nice and leggy and sexy?"
7. Daniel's dad is __________ and his mom is _________.
8. Which designer sang for Brooke?
9. Whose button was the first one pulled from the bag?
10. Who did this designer choose as a partner?
11. Which designer is shown biting his or her nails?
12. Which designer asks Tim if the design is "too dominatrix?"
13. Which designer is shown making coffee?
14. Which designer is shown trying on his or her design?
15. What color is Tim's tie?
16. Who admits to "sweating?"
17. How many pieces were included in Blayne's "look?" Describe them.
18. Which designer used the "helper's" model?
19. Who thinks that Keith will switch models next week?
20. Which team "won" the live Bluefly poll?